Resurrection Sunday

I started making flower crowns because I’m picky, I know what I like the only problem was that I was not finding it in stores (and not at a reasonable price). So there started Get Crowned. I have always loved flowers and creating and/or customizing so I mixed the two.

Soon, my weekends became packed with flower crown orders and custom request. I vended my crowns and even created a Big Cartel site to allow people from other states to get their hands on my crowns. At one point, my crown even ventured to England, how cool is that!

Get Crowned X Beauty Brunch 2014

Get Crowned X Beauty Brunch 2014


Then I became overwhelmed with growth. A rough (but also beautiful) patch hit me, new job-but my car engine blew. I finally buckled down and applied to Graduate School for Public Relations-I got in but the school was in hour away and still had no car. Needless to say, Get Crowned took a back seat and I lost all passion for the project. I set my Big Cartel site in maintenance mode and completely ignored my Get Crowned Social Media pages. As a PR professional, I definitely knew better. Consistency is the major key to success!

Recently I have found myself at a crossroads, that new job I had about 2 years ago I now dread going to-it pays the bills. I finished school with Honors; I was also awarded by Lambda Pi Eta for my academic excellence. But now I have an extra bill called School loans. OMG, and my longtime boyfriend took a job in Miami leaving me alone.

Now overwhelmed for the wrong reasons and alone I was seeking guidance on how to move through my life, basically how to turns lemons into Lemonade. People would still ask about Get Crowned and I would just say “I’m just not passionate about it anymore.

I read something that makes me think… Think hard about the turn of events I now found myself going through 

But I was just scared, scared that it would actually work out. I am now re-launching and re-branding Get Crowned under my own rules. This is so exciting to me. This is still a learning process and something that challenges me which is all I look for in a career. Stick with me on this journey and let’s Slay together, k?
                                                                                                                        Xo, Kim Glen