Work Rules

So as you may know, I love me a good statement choker but I don't want to just limit my stylish ways to girlfriend outings and happy hours. I want to wear my choker ALL-DAY-EVERY-DAY. Well mainly at work but I always question is it "office appropriate." I mean, if you work in fashion day-in and day-out you're probably A-ok to wear what you please as long as it is fashionably appeasing. However, when you work in a office space, something along the lines of corporate-stiff can you wear a choker? or Nah?  

I can read the dress code up and down and it says nothing about neckwear but I can see how chokers can be...a bit sexy. So I decided to just say to myself "fuck it" wear your choker just make sure your outfit is not only corporately pleasing but fashionable to the point where only a choker is the appropriate neckpiece to wear. 

So what do you think, am I rocking the boat here or am I just making a big fuss over nothing?

All I know is, creating your own rules are fun!!!!! Let's ruffle some feathers!

Kimberly Oates