When to Know it's Time to Let Go

So probably most you ladies suffer from a minor case of hoarding. And when I say hoarding I don't need you keep EVERY SINGLE THING but we can definitely hold on to clothes and shoes. I don't know about you but I start to build an emotional connection especially to shoes. But after awhile I have to come to terms with the fact that I haven't worn it more than once. 

If it's not getting enough showtime (know what I mean?) then it has to go. So one thing I did at the start of the New Year was turn my hangers in the wrong direction and when I used the clothing on the hanger I would flip it forward. This tells me if i am actually wearing the clothes in my closet or are they just space-fillers.

I summed up my relationship to my clothes and shoes as I do my relationship with men. If they don't communicate well and barely want to go out with you in public, something is not write they are not treating you right. They belong to someone else (I'll let that marinate). 


So what I have done recently I separated the new things I collected from the old and used. I decided what I should donate, what I can sell-one of my favorite places to bring clothes for a quick buck is Plato's Closet because they take gently-used clothing and gives you money on the spot, nothing to make your rich but it's enough to buy another pair of jeans LOL. Then lastly decide what I can keep, that means what are good staples something that I can use multiple ways and will always remain a classic piece no matter how the fashion trends change. 

So remember If your clothes are not treating you right, let them go. Ladies we don't need space fillers or pieces that don't compliment the woman you are, drop them off. You are too cute to let anything waste your time and space. so declutter your closet and your life, okay!

Click on the pictures for additional decluttering tips. 



Kimberly Oates